Myposeo Pro

Myposeo helps agencies & professionals
to drive their customers performances

Search marketing automation is quite simpler!



Analyze the existing positioning of customers in its market



Find and select
search expression

SEO & AdWords rank tracking


Track and observe SEO & PPC campaign performance daily

Custom & white labeled reports


Alerts and reports each month on the evolution of the campaigns

Key features overview

All features you can use in our 7 tools, to track and report SEO & PPC customers performances.

   Daily rank tracking

   Mobile & geolocated

   Up to 300 countries

   SEO & Adwords results

       Google, Bing, Yahoo

       Youtube, Images, Videos

       Keywords suggestion

Majestic SEO data netlinking

       Google Analytics synchronisation

       Search Console connected

      Automated & customizable reports


       White label

       Users and administrator access

       CSV & PDF exports

       Technical support

Pixel ranking        EXCLUSIVE

What they say about Myposeo Pro


I like to use Myposeo. It’s possible to know the number of positioned keywords between 1st and 5th position, and between 5th and 10th, and beyond. It gives me a good photography of all keywords performances. The interest of such a tool, compared with Search Console, is to be able to realize competitive benchmarks on a field where sometime gain or loss of rank in results can be important.

Lydia Arzour

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