Local SEO Rank Tracking

Myposeo’s SEO tracking module enables you to monitor a site’s visibility and ranking within the search engine results at a local level.


3 types of Tracking for SEO local

Local search (city) in
web tab All” organic position.

Local search (city) in
web tab All” Local Pack

Local search (city) in
MAPS tab” organic position.


Configure your SEO Local rank tracking project

Associate your keywords with the engines and cities of your choice and get local positions
in the different types of results (textual, local pack, Maps).

Associate your external Google My business data and cross-reference your ranking and audience data.

Choose Engine

From the list of available engines, select the Google Maps engine.
google maps

Universal Search

In the collection of universal search results, include “Addresses” type results.

universal search

Choose Keywords

Add your keywords and select the cities you want to track your ranking.


Synchronisation of external data for SEO local​

Myposeo projects can be synchronised with various external sources such as PARTOO, YEXT via API.

rapport partoo yext

SEO Local metrics and KPI’s

Myposeo collects and calculates unique performance indicators to help you
to understand your SEO local

Local position

Geolocalised ranking of your keywords in the organic textual results

Local Pack Position

Geolocalised ranking of the site in the Google local pack

Google Maps Position

Geolocalised ranking of the site in the Maps Engine

Local search volume

Monthly search volume for targeted cities

Regional attendance rate

Local data are aggregated at departmental and regional level for macro analysis of performance.

Google customers Actions (Yext)

Number of actions an Internet user performs on the Google My Business page

Google phone calls (Yext)

Number of times an Internet user clicks on the phone number in the Google My Business listing

Consult your SEO local data in the platform

The performance monitoring module segments the data into different tabs that will allow you to consult your data
The “raw” data can be presented globally (synthesis) or in detail (table of keywords, table of pages, competitive synthesis, etc.).

Take advantage of local report templates

In addition to the raw data from the monitoring module, you benefit from a reporting module that makes
it easy to the formatting of your data, either by using our templates or by creating your own reports

Report type

Choose from our list of report templates or create your own customised report

Project to be synchronised

Choose your Local project


Choose the formatting and visualisations of your data. Heatmaps, Tables, Geographic Filters and more.

SEO Local sample report

Take advantage of local report templates

Geographically target your strong points and areas for improvement using filters
advanced data to prioritise your actions.

Visualise which are the most or least performing geographical areas thanks to HeatMaps.

Details of the visibility of your site in Top 10, Top 3, Top 1 by Country, City and town.

Estimation of the local volumes ranked or not ranked for arbitration of the conquests to be undertaken

volume de recherche

Isolate localities according to their performance and analyse which keywords contribute or hinder your local visibility.


Want to track even more results types in detail?

Track the positions of your keywords and calculate the ranking of the results on the Google Shopping search engine.

Google Images Tracking

The Myposeo platform allows you to track all your positions and those of your competitors on the Google Images engine.

Youtube Tracking

Myposeo’s SEO tracking module allows you to track your videos on Youtube for a list of keywords of your choice.

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