How to export my SEO audit data

SEO audit export, a handy feature

Given the high volume of data collected by our SEO auditing tool, we provide you with an enhanced export feature that allows you to extract targeted data according to your needs.
As a reminder, our SEO auditing tool collects, at a time (T), the ranking of the keywords of your choice for a single site, or for all the sites ranked on these keywords.
In the case of a competitive audit, this feature can be useful to extract data only from the sites of particular interest to you…

Where is the export function?

In the list of your audits, “Action” column, click on the “Exports” icon


How does it work?

Fortunately, two types of export are offered. “Domain audit” to export the data from the site(s) of interest to you and “Full audit” to export the data from all the sites ranked on the audited keywords.

Export «Domain audit»

Select the .csv format. Choose the type of export, “Domain audit”, to extract only the rankings of the selected domain(s).

  • Example of Excel showing “Domain audit”

Only the rankings of the chosen site, here: are extracted.


Export “Full Audit”

Select the .csv format. Choose the export type, “Full Audit” to retrieve all the domains ranked.

  • Example of Excel showing “Full audit”

All locations are exported. (In this example, only the sites ranked on the first page are included because the audit was configured to a depth of one page)



As you see, this targeted SEO export feature will save you time. You no longer need to do any sorting or filtering in your favourite spreadsheet because you can select the domain(s) whose data you want to extract and analyse.
Good extract!!

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