PPC Tracking: Find and add competitors to its Adwords campaign tracking

PPC Tracking: Find and add competitors to Adwords tracking campaign

PPC tracking tool allows you to monitor in real time your PPC campaign.It also allows you to spot your key competitors, and add them to your tracking campaign. You can monitor and compare performances with regard to yours.

1. Create a campaign in the PPC tracking tool by clicking on New > Set up campaign


Once your PPC campaign has been created, click on the “Competitors” tab

You can be aware of competitors who are classed by number of common keywords with yours.


To compare your progress, you can add competitors to your tracking campaign.

3. Click on the “Add” > New competitor


4. Add your competitors by using the arrows


In this way, the tool monitor your campaign and also those of your competitors. You can compare your performances on keywords, ads, groups of keywords, number of landing pages.

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