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Need some advice before starting off with Myposeo Pro?
Find out all you need to know on this page and get started on your SEO campaign with Myposeo Pro!

Start with SEO and PPC

Review our SEO Guide and Infographics to help you start off your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Using Myposeo Pro

Youtube Tutorial Videos

Check out our YouTube channel, short videos and tutorials on how to use our SEO tools.

SEM Analysis: Tool presentation

Keyword Suggestions Tutorial

SEO Audits: Creating an SEO audit

SEO Rank Tracking: Adding a Project

Case Studies

To help you make the most of the features available on our analyses tools, have a read through Myposeo’s case studies relating to your SEO and PPC questions.

Dedicated to SEO tools

Dedicated to PPC tools

Comparing SEO rankings on Desktop and Mobile

Discovering Google Analytics’ ‘Not Provided’ information with Myposeo

 Audit configuration and analysis of competing ads

Showing competitive landing pages on a common keyword

News and SEO tips

To stay informed on search engines updates, the news Google algorithms, best practiced and many other SEO tips, subscribe to our blog. Never miss any more information on SEO and PPC!


Tips, Case Studies and SEO News on the Myposeo Blog.

Myposeo’s blog highlights new tools and features for our rank tracking tools, as well as reports SEO news, tools, strategies and tips to optimise your website’s SEO. You can find interviews, articles and tips on overall SEO as well as tips on how to use Myposeo including some promotions!

Check out the Blog

Myposeo Support and Help


If you use the tool and have questions about it, contact our support team.

Help Center 

A help center is dedicated to all issues related to the use of Myposeo’s tools and interface

Live Chat

Ask us your questions directly in our live chat and speak to our Account Managers!

Choose a Myposeo Plan

Whether you have a free trial account or a premium plan, feel free to review our plans and pricing offers to define and choose your Myposeo Starter package.

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