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Market studies and researches

Objectives of the studies

Analyze users’ searches in order to produce content adapted to both content and form.

Know the searches and needs of internet users

  • Quantify users’ search on a sector of activity
  • Identify possible research trends, such as a seasonal phenomenon 

Identify market themes

  • Combine research intentions by theme
  • Measuring the potential traffic of SEO

Identify all actors on themes

  • Identify the market leaders and group them by typology of actors (pure-player / editorial sites / blogs)
  • Evaluate the difficulty of a brand to position itself against competitors

Analyze the content types of top sites

  • Identify good competitor writing practices and capture the amount of content to be produced
  • Identification of semantic fields around different subjects

How are our studies realized?

Myposeo is a powerful tool through its many features to achieve complete market studies for SEO and PPC campaign.

Collection keywords

We choose a volume of keywords on which we make our study.

Search results analysis

Then all the organics and paying results of the SERP are analyzed.

Calculation of statistics

Data recovery allows us to calculate various indicators of ranking in order to measure the performance of the present websites.

Comments and explanations

We comment and explain the results of each study.

How to use market study?

Find topics for writing content

Build an arborescence piloted by the data

Accompany the UX pages

Help define the formats and frequency of content to be produced

Gauge the quantity and quality of content to be produced to be visible on a market.

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