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SEO Square - May 2021

Talk: "Google Position Tracking - New indicators and best practices for optimised SEO reporting"

Position tracking is always important in an SEO strategy. Let’s take a look at the new best practices, the need to track your visibility properly, understand the new indicators and issues and prepare your reports for the battle of the SERPs in 2021.
In this conference, we will talk about :
– the SERP 2021
– the interest of positions in an SEO report (why use them)
– the indicators to use (pixels, average positions, share of voice)
– how to use them (prioritise, report, optimise

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Search Y - February 2020

Talk: "Analyses Google's SERP features to seize the best SEO opportunities"

For the first time, our CEO Alexandre was a speaker at the Search Y.

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BrightonSEO - September 2019

Talk: "How to build a perfect (landing) page"

For the second time this year, we took part in BrightonSEO. The event took place on September 12th and 13th. Our co-founder, Alexandre Sigoigne, held his 3rd talk in English.
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BrightonSEO - April 2019

Talk: "Build SEO content strategy based on SERP and competitive analysis"

On April 11th and 12th, 2019, the BrightonSEO conference was held in Brighton, United Kingdom. The event is a series of conferences and workshops surrounding search marketing topics. This was our first time on the UK market, and Alexandre Sigoigne, co-founder and CEO of the tool, held his first talk in English
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We Love SEO - 2018

Conference : "Can we Dethrone Big and Leading SEO Websites?"

On October 4th, 2018, the fourth annual “WeLoveSEO” Conference took place; the search marketing event for SEO professionals.

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We Love SEO - 2017

Conference : “Consolidating, Organising and Making GSC Data Speak for Itself”

On June 28th, 2017 the third annual We Love SEO conference took place. A search marketing event for SEO professionals.

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We Love SEO - 2016

Conference : “KPIs & Dashboards Dedicated to your SEO Issues”

On September 7th, 2016 the second annual We Love SEO conference took place. A search marketing event for SEO professionals.

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We Love SEO - 2014

Table ronde WLS avec Via Michelin, BlaBlaCar et Laurent Bourrelly

In November 2014, the first ever We Love SEO conference took place. An afternoon dedicated to discussing international SEO issues. This event was organised in collaboration with our partner TextMaster and RocketLinks.

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weloveseo 2021

We Love SEO 2021

We Love SEO is happy to introduce We Love SEO Virtual Summit, a free virtual experience around the latest Search Marketing trends. Innovation, knowledge sharing, networking amongst Search professionals from all over the world. Tune in to this thrilling event to stay ahead of the curve and learn from some of the best Search experts.

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We Love SEO is back for a 7th edition!

See you in person on October 21, 2021, but also remotely, in order to bring together search lovers once again.

We Love SEO is a day of conferences, round tables and expertise led by French and international personalities. Best practices, exchanges, feedback, actionable advice: come and discover the latest trends and innovations in the sector and develop your knowledge.

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