SEO rank tracking

Keywords and SEO rank tracking

The rank tracking feature allows you to control the visibility of your site and of your competitors on search engines, daily and automatically.


Daily SEO rank tracking

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baïdu
  • 300 extensions (.fr, .com, etc.)
  • All languages fo each country
  • Geolocalised SEO and PPC in 36 000 cities
  • Desktop and mobile positions
  • Pixel position

The SEO analytics dashboard allows you to analyse all the data in your account and thus compare the large-scale performance of your website in SEO.

Rank tracking synthesis KPIs


PosRank is a unique indicator of 0 to 100 allowing to know the website globale position on a set expressions. 100 being the best possible score (if all the website’s keywords are in 1st position).


Attendance rate helps you to know the number of keywords on which one advertiser is present. One website present on 2 keywords by 10 has 20% attendance rate.


We calculate the average position of your keywords and groups over weekly and monthly periods.


We estimate the generated traffic by your position on search engine based on CTR (click through rate), monthly search volume and your position.


Track the SEO ranking of your keywords

  • Positions
  • Best position
  • Search volume
  • Ad height
  • Pixel position
  • Estimated traffic
  • Number of results
  • URLs found

Available on Google, Bing and Yahoo on over 300 extensions and in all languages. Rank tracking is the foundation of your myposeo SEO analysis.


Track URLs and pages ranked in SEO.

The tracking of URLs ranked on your site on search engines allows you to know the number of URLs ranked on your keywords analysed.

You will thus be able to know the most visibles pages and the keywords allowing to access them in order to optimise your presence.

Geo-located ranking 

Chose your TLD and add a specific town to personalise rank tracking location.

Computers and mobiles

Check both mobile and desktop positions and compare them for each keyword.

Daily and automated

No need to refresh or calculate if you still have enough credits. Ranking is daily and automated.

Starter SEO Rank Tracking presentation

Coming soon…

How to use the SEO Rank Tracking tool?

Consult our use cases dedicated to the SEO rank tracking tool. Learn how to use Myposeo Starter to track and optimise your website’s visibility.

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