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Keywords and SEO Rank Tracking

Myposeo’s Rank Tracking tool allows you to assess the visibility of your website and competitors websites on an automated daily basis.

Create an SEO Tracking Campaign

Select your keywords to start your Rank Tracking campaign.

Choose keywords

Choose the keywords that will be used to track your website’s ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Myposeo has more than 300 extensions available.

Daily analysis

The tool collects data related to your position on the search engine, and your competitors’ position on a daily basis

Graphics and Customised View

Monitor performance and the evolution of your keyword rankings daily. Focus on optimisation!


Daily SEO Rank tracking

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baïdu
  • 300 extensions (.fr, .com, etc.)
  • All languages available
  • Geolocalised SEO and PPC in 36,000 cities
  • Desktop & Mobile ranking
  • Pixel position

The SEO analytics dashboard allows you to analyse all data in your account and compare your overall website performance in SEO.

Rank Tracking KPIs


PosRank is a unique scale from 0 to 100- 100 being the best (if your keywords rank number 1) – allowing you to assess your websites overall position on a set of keywords expressions.


The Presence Rate metric shows you, out of all the keywords you have, the number of keywords your website actually ranks on.  Eg: Out of10 keywords your website only ranks on 2, that means your Presence Rate is 20%.


A calculation of the average position of your keywords and groups on a weekly or monthly period.


An estimation of the traffic generated to your website because of your position on the search engine.

Based on CTR, monthly search volumes and your position.


Track your Keywords’ SEO Ranking

  • Positions
  • Best position
  • Search volume
  • Ad height
  • Pixel position
  • Estimated traffic
  • Number of results
  • URL’s found

Available on Google, Bing and Yahoo on over 300 extensions in all languages. Rank tracking is the foundation of your SEO analysis with Myposeo.


Track URLs and Ranked Pages in SEO.

By tracking URLs ranked on your website on search engines allows you to assess the number of URLs ranked on your analysed keywords.

This shows you the most visible pages and keywords on your website which you can then use to optimise your online presence.

Localised Rankings

Choose your top level domain and add a specific location to personalise rank tracking.

Desktop and Mobile

Monitor and compare both mobile and desktop positions for each keyword.

Daily and Automatic

All ranking information is auto-generated daily.

Starter SEO Rank Tracking presentation

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How to use Myposeo’s SEO Rank Tracking tool?

View our case studies dedicated to the SEO Rank Tracking tool. Learn how to use the Myposeo Starter Pack to track and optimise your website’s online visibility.

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