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Auditing and tracking search engines to enhance your SEO and PPC strategies over time.
Our tools fulfill all your needs.

Market Analysis

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Keyword Master

Accelerate keyword search and categorisation, don’t waste any more time in Excel!

Enrich a list of keywords

Generate huge lists of automated keywords. Get search volumes of a large amount of keywords.

Smart Categorisation

Suggest categories based on your keywords.

Research Intent

Quickly find questions on a given topic and find the most typed search typologies on a sector.


SEO Visibility Audit

An all-encompassing audit tool on up to 10 pages. It shows you a detailed overview of the composition of search engine results as well as key actors present.

SERP Audit

The SERP audit feature allows you to analyse all domains present in the search results for a particular selection of keywords.


The keywords tab of the audit tool shows you the number of results per keyword, search volumes, and the number of ads that come up on your keywords.

Universal search

A graph comprising os the different types of ads in universal search is provided that allows you to understand the different results that come up (organic, images, videos, news etc.) on the search engine for audited keywords.


PPC Visibility Audit 

An all-encompassing and real time PPC audit tool to help analyse your PPC campaign.

PPC Audit

The PPC Audit feature allows you to analyse a PPC campaign on search engines to get an idea of the advertisers and their positions over a certain period of time.

Advertisers Audit 

Once you launch your campaign, you have access to a list of domains that will help you understand other advertiser’s coverage rates i.e. the number of ads they have or the location.

Keywords Audit

You will be able to access the keywords used by other advertisers, their average positions on those keywords and the average cost per click (CPC) of each keyword.


Keyword Suggestion

Discover hundreds of new expressions linked to your website to enhance your content writing and optimise SEO strategy.

Launch a Search 

Type a keyword or phrase in the dedicated search bar. You may enter multiple keywords separated by commas.

Filter and Analyse

A list of expressions related to the keyword entered will appear.You can then filter the list according to your needs.

Select and export

Once you have selected your keywords, you can create a list and export it to desired format.


SEO Rank Tracking

Track your website’s ranking on the search engine on selected keywords and monitor your SEO strategy..

SEO Rank tracking 

Our SEO rank tracking allows you to monitor your website’s position and your competitors’ positions in organic search engine results, on a daily basis.

Pages indicators and Universal Search

Monitor all your keywords on landing pages and manage your globale visibility on the search engine.


Stay informed about entries, exits, rises, and falls of your keywords. Define ranking objectives and choose alerts thresholds.


PPC Rank Tracking

A unique data collection tool from Adwords on a daily basis.

Monitoring Adwords

Track and monitor your website’s ranking on keywords selected from Adwords and get independent search engine data.

Track the Competition

Unlike any other platform, Myposeo provides you with competitive data to analyse your ranking in comparison to other players visible on the SERP.

Custom Collection Frequency 

Myposeo’s technology collects data and display from search engines as quick as every 5 minutes depending on the frequency selected – Extensions/ Country/ City/ Device.


Custom Reports

Create and personalise your reports to visualise you SEO/ PPC campaign performance.

Choice of graphs

Choose from over 150 performance indicators and customise the way you visualise your SEO visibility data.


Combine your market, audit and monitoring data in unique online reports.

Drag & Drop

Create blocks and lines to drag or drop your performance data and make a fully customised visibility report.


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