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What is RocketLinks?

RocketLinks is the first French platform for the buying and selling of sponsored links and articles for SEO purposes. It offers nearly 6,000 websites and blogs related to all topics including travel, finance, fashion, health, B2B and more, to advertisers.

With all the SEO data collected when adding each website to the marketplace, RocketLinks allows you to judge the relevance of a website in your SEO strategy.

More than 200 active advertisers now trust RocketLinks (e-commerce platforms, referrers, communication agencies etc.) for its quality blogs and the lowest commission charged in the market (20%). For more information click here:

How does it work?

A powerful keyword and category search engine and numerous filters allow you to find websites and blogs that will have the most impact on your SEO and PPC strategy.
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Review and compare SEO metrics between websites.

Donnees RocketLinks

Then make an offer to the publisher about a sponsored article (one-shot price), a link to the home page or an internal page (monthly price).

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Why this partnership?

Backlinking is a fundamental element of SEO strategy. Simply put, the more links pointing to your website, the more likely your keywords are to be ranked / positioned better on search engines.

RocketLinks and Myposeo are two complementary tools: RockeLinks allows to change your keywords positions and rankings as a result of incoming links, while Myposeo allows you to follow track. On RocketLinks, you choose the URL and anchor for each link created.

Are you a Myposeo customer?

Receive 5% off on credits offered on their first deposit on the platform from 200€
How to get additional credit ? Sign up to RocketLinks with the same email or billing information as on your Myposeo account and send a message to RocketLinks support after your first deposit.

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If you are a user of the Oncrawl Log Analyzer, please note that it is possible to add your data from the tool to Myposeo reports.
Enrich your Myposeo dashboards with your Oncrawl data


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