What is OnCrawl ?

OnCrawl is a technical SEO platform dedicated to corporate SEO audits and daily monitoring. The solution supports more than a thousand customers across 66 countries with improving their organic traffic, rankings and revenues by opening Google’s black box. Vistaprint, Canon, Lastminute.com, Forbes and other major companies use Oncrawl’s services.

Driven by a strong technological spirit, Oncrawl provides search marketing professionals with quick and easy access to strategic data through dashboards and reports that support the entire search engine optimisation process. The company has successfully carried out two fundraisers to become the leader in SEO solutions in SaaS mode.

For the past three years, OnCrawl has been voted the Best SEO Tool at the European Search Awards and has also won the 2019 Best SEO Tool award at the US and MENA Search Awards.

How does OnCrawl work?

OnCrawl is a cloud-based solution. The tool will crawl (scan and analyse) all the pages of your site and will provide you with interesting information about indexing, web meshing, overall site performance, site architecture, duplicate content and much more.


It’s also a log analyser that will allow you to understand how Google and visitors behave on each page of a site. OnCrawl is the same as OnCrawl Data³ – a data platform that allows you to connect multiple third-party solutions or digest sets of data for cross-analysis. These datasets are derived from log data, analytics, ranking or business data and are compared to crawl data to understand the impact on a site’s natural traffic.


Why this partnership?

OnCrawl and Myposeo are partnering up to enable Myposeo users to benefit from OnCrawl’s SEO data.

Indeed, if you are a user of the log analyser, you can now add your data from the tool to Myposeo’s reports.



What are the benefits for Myposeo users?

OnCrawl offers one month’s free subscription for any plan/offer.

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