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Myposeo's Keyword Suggest module allows you to quickly find new French keywords related to your searches in order to enrich your content and prepare your SEO strategy.

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How does the Keyword Suggestions tool work?

Access our large database to find your Keywords!

Launch a search

Type a keyword or phrase in the dedicated search bar. You can enter multiple keywords separated by commas.

Filter and Analyse

A list of expressions related to the keyword (s) entered in the search bar is then displayed. You can then filter the list according to your needs.

Selection & export

Once you have selected your keywords, you can create a list and export it in your desired format.

Key features of Keyword Suggestions

Save time to find the best expressions to use to produce your content.

  • Keyword ideas
  • Selection & export
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Find content ideas

Discover hundreds of new expressions related to your site to improve the writing of your content and optimise your SEO strategy.

Myposeo has a database of 30 million French keywords from our market analysis tool.

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Add a selection

Add keywords to a selection in the Keyword Master tool.

The main indicators of the SEO Keyword Suggestion

We have gathered more than 30 indicators for each of the expressions in our database. Filter and choose!

Search Trends

The topicality of the query (low / high) according to the period in which the keyword is typed.

Cost per click (CPC)

The average cost per click of the search term if it was purchased on Google Adwords. Data received from Google Planner.

Trends Variation

Seasonality of search volumes. When hovering the mouse, the month and the corresponding value is displayed.

Search Volumes

The search volume refers to the total number of searches on a keyword per month made by users on the search engine.

Max Traffic

An estimation of the maximum amount of traffic that a site can generate on a keyword / group of keywords.

Physical Coverage

This KPI is illustrated by a gauge that indicates the physical coverage rate on the first SERP of the keyword.

SEO keyword suggestion Case Studies

case study pixel ranking
Pixel Ranking Case Study

Myposeo’s Pixel Ranking revealed that Company X’s site was not visible above the fold as it had been pushed down the SERP due to Universal Search and Rich Snippet results appearing above them. After 3 months of monitoring and adapting SEO content, the number of keywords triggering a Featured Snippet result increased.

Tracking physical points of sale

When we talk about the issue of localised tracking, what exactly are we referring to? We want to know the ranking of our physical points of sale in search engines for a given location (a particular city) and terminal, SERP results being personalised based on those two factors

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