New KPI’s Google Search Console


Have you synchronized your SEO Tracking with Google Search Console?

New features, we now recover data from Sitemaps in addition to Impressions, Click and CTR data.

Sitemap data is based on the URLs that are sent to the Search Console via the sitemap file. Among the URLs submitted to Google, some will be indexed, others will probably contain errors or warnings, etc.

Collecting Sitemaps data will allow you to measure the delta between what has been submitted and what has been indexed by the search engine.

To integrate them into your reports, here are the different steps:

  1. Add a block
  2. Choose an SEO monitoring project
  3. Configure an analysis period
  4. Choose the appropriate graphic format
  5. Choose the KPI Search Console
  6. Then choose between Sitemap Errors, Sitemap Indexed, Sitemap Submitted, Sitemap Warnings


Feel free to contact us on the support if you encounter any problems in the advanced configuration of the blocks.

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