Customisation of graphic colours


This is a request that has been raised for several months by corporate customers and agencies: having the possibility of customising the colour of reports. Since the update of 5 April it is now possible. Customisation can be done in detail on each block but also generally at report level.

Colour customisation at report level

Colour customisation is set at report level. In edit mode, click on the “configuration” button and then on the “colour” tab.

The user can add up to 10 colours by default, by clicking on the “+” button. When you click on the colour, a palette opens allowing the colours selected by default to be changed. When you have finished, you need to click to save at the bottom right and all selected colours will be used in all the blocks created in order of the preference defined!


Colour can be re-used in other reports. A simple click on “save template” and the selected colours will automatically appear to the right in the template selection. Simply apply to the desired report.

Colour customisation by block

Although a default colour palette has been selected, it may sometimes be necessary to customise in detail the specific colour of a block.

To do this, in edit mode, click on the “editing” button of a block and then on the “data” tab. When indicators are added, one square to the right is visible. By clicking on the square, it is possible to over-lay the colour used.


It is also possible to find the colours defined in the template applied at the bottom of the palette:


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