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Punctual audit of search engines or monitoring of  your SEO and PPC strategy over time, our tools fit your needs.

seo-auditSEO Audit

A full audit tool on 1 to 10 pages. It allows you to know the composition of search engines results in detail as well as present actors.

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SERP Audit

SERP Audit allows you to analyse all present domains in search engines for your keywords.


The keywords tab of audit allows you to know number of results, search volume, number of ads or presence of Adwords on your keywords.

Universal search

The distribution of ad type universal search graphic allows you to know the different results (natural, images, videos, news…) appeared on audited keywords.

seo-rank-trackingSEO Rank Tracking

Track your website’s ranking on a selection of keywords for SEO and PPC strategy.


SEO Rank tracking 

SEO rank tracking allows you to daily monitor your website positions and presence of your websites in organic search engines results.

Tracking of positioned URLs

Tracking of positioned URLs allows you to daily know number of positioned URLs according to your keywords for each of your projects. You can also find an overview of found Ads in SERP.


Alerts allow you to be daily informed of inputs, outputs, climbs and descents of your keywords. It is also possible to define positions goals and choose alerts thresholds.

sea-auditSEA Audit 

A full SEA audit tool in real time to analyse your PPC campaign.


SEA Audit

SEA Audit allows you to analyse PPC campaign on search engines in order to find advertisers and their positions on a selected period of time.

Advertisers Audit 

Once your campaign is completed, you will be able to access domains list and know the advertisers coverage rate, number of ads or their location.

Keywords Audit

For each present actors on your campaign, you will know their keywords, average positions on those or cost per click (CPC).

sea-rank-trackingSEA Rank Tracking

An Adwords data collecting unique tool in the world.


Adwords Tracking 

Track your website’s ranking on keywords you have selected from Adwords and view independent data from search engines.

Track all your competitors 

We give you competition data that allow you to analyse your ranking by comparison with visible actors on results pages.

Customised collection frequency 

Our technology enables a search engine data collection and display at frequency up to every 5 minutes according to selected parameter: Extensions / Country / City / Terminals.

reportsSEO reports

Create and customise your custom reports to pilot your SEO/SEA performances.


Choice of graphics and visualisation

Choose from over 150 performance indicators and customised data-visualisation of your SEO visibility data.


Pair your Market data, Audit and Track into online unique reports.

Drag / drop / customised

Create your blocks and lines to customize your performance and visibility reports.

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