Affiliate program

Win up to 200 € by commission!

Become a partner of our Myposeo affiliate program and earn some money with your website. For every new customer brought to Myposeo you receive commission up to 20%.

Your benefits

  • An advantageous commission: until 20% of discount on the purchase price of a myposeo pack

  • A high conversion rate: the Myposeo offers are unique on the online SEO tools market. You will enjoy a high click rate allowing you to maximize your commissions
  • Your visitors can test the tool for free during 15 days without having to enter a means of payment. Our tool then takes over and prompts to the upgrade of the account on the interface and by email. It assures a high rate of conversion.

  • Your commissions paid monthly as soon as the 100 € landing is reached !

Questions about our affiliate program ?

You have any questions on the accessibility conditions of our program? Commissions and payment ? Everything is detailed here!

What is needed to be affiliated?

Nothing, except your desire to be affiliated. Having a website will help you promote the offer.

You can promote our products via your website, search engines, forums, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vidéos, e-mail, etc., with your affiliate link.

All you need is to send us visitors through this special affiliate link. Any purchase of a Myposeo pack allows you to receive up to 20% of the purchase price directly credited to your affiliate account.

How do I get paid?

We use a special solution into tracking of affiliates which is Post Affiliate Pro. This solution uses combinaison between cookie and IP address to detect when a visitor follows your affiliate link. Our affiliate system records and places a cookie on the visitor’ s computer that allows us to relate a sale to your account.

When this visitor becomes a customer buying a Myposeo package, the system checks this cookie and credit your account up to 20% amount of purchased package. This process is automatic and set up by an outsourced platform.

what is the lifetime of this cookie?

Cookies are valid 30 days, this mean that a user who subscribes even 00 days after visiting your link, will likely earn you money. This corresponds to our conversion tunnel (15 free days + 15 days stimulus email).

What is payment method?

You can choose between Paypal or bank transfer. The minimum level before transfer into your account is 100€.

Payments are made in euros.

From how much do I get paid?

The amount in your account can be put back to you every month with a minimum level of 100€ per payment. There is obviously no maximum.

If a visitor comes from two different affiliated website before converting, how does It work?

The first visited website, which is at the origin of the sale, will take the commission of a user.

Our promotional material

Here is an overview of the different promotional materials, including banner formats, available to you as part of our Myposeo SEO affiliate program. All our materials are available in the management interface of your affiliate account.



768 X 90

468 X 60

160 X 600

120 X 600

300 X 300

300 X 250

250 X 250

125 X 125

88 X 33


Regulation of our Affiliate Program

Certain conditions must be first respected before your registration on our SEO affiliate platform :
  • Each participant has to possess a PayPal account or provide a bank details ( RIB / IBAN) to receive the payment of his commissions ( an international participant will have ton indicate “International” in the field provided for that purpose).
  • Sales relate only the first purchase of a Myposeo pack, offer renewals are not taken into account.
  • Sales concerning the affiliate himself will not be counted.
  • It is forbidden to target Myposeo brand on search engines in advertising (PPC)


Any commission may be cancelled if the participant is caught or tries to get around these rules. The participant may also be banned by any future participation to the Myposeo affiliate program.

Our service does not offer promo code in a permanent way. Consequently, the websites codes promotion are not allowed on our affiliate platform.

Join the other members !

Less than 5 minutes to log in and set up your account!

Different steps :

  • Go to the registration page form and fill it

  • You will receive your password and other information by email

  • Login into your own affiliate page and choose one of our banners, text links and other promotional support.

  • Place it on your website in places with high visibility, on the number of pages which you would like to increase your chances to convert and be paid.

  • Get up to 20% commission for each of your sales !

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